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Does the term cross lease mean anything to you? Do you know if there are any covenants on the home you want to buy? Do you know if there are any easements on your property of choice?

Title searches are one of the most important things people can do when deciding whether or not to buy a property. The answers to these questions can have a significant impact on how you use and enjoy your property, and have the potential to affect its future value.

Alongside a builder’s report, title searches help avoid any unforeseen issues, or nasty surprises for homeowners that could cause problems when it comes time to sell. These include:

  • Cross leases - A cross lease is where multiple individuals own an undivided share of land, with the land being leased from the other owners (often for a term of 999 years). Defects on a Cross Lease can be an issue that can catch out first-home buyers in particular. In Kapiti there are a number of cross lease properties, which can be complex to understand without the help of a lawyer. 
  • Easements - Properties can be subject to easements, such as a shared driveway. 
  • Covenants - Common in new subdivisions, covenants must be followed by homeowners. Examples of covenants include laundry not being able to be seen from the street front, minimum new house size, or preventing boundary fences being erected on the road front. 
  • Maori land - Dealing with Maori land in a property purchase presents its own set of obstacles that buyers need to consider.


Local Property lawyer, Peter Corin, from the Law Connection, says your lawyer will be able to complete a title search and be able to explain what it means in straightforward terms.

Buyers should complete all of their due diligence before putting in an offer, to ensure they have the right information in front of them to make an informed decision.

Most importantly, all of these issues can be dealt with - working with a lawyer and a registered mortgage adviser will help provide you with peace of mind that all the right steps have been taken before signing on the dotted line.

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